Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Imitation of Christ

Si quis semel vel bis admonitus non acquiescit, noli cum eo contendere, sed totum Deo committe, ut fiat voluntas sua, et honor in omnibus servis suis, qui scit bene, malum in bonum convertere. Stude patiens esse in tolerando aliorum defectus, et qualescumque infirmitates, quia et tu multa habes, quæ ab aliis oportet tolerari. Si non potes te talem facere qualem vis, quomodo poteris alium habere ad beneplacitum tuum? Libenter videmus alios perfectos, sed tamen proprios non emendamus defectus. 
If one who has been admonished once or twice refuses to listen, don't fight with him, but commit all to God, that His will may be done and His honor be shown in His servants, for He knows well how to convert the evil into good. Try to be patient in bearing with other men's faults and infirmities whatever they may be, for you yourself also have many things which have need to be borne with by others. If you cannot make your own self be what you desire, how will you be able to fashion another to your own liking. We are ready to see others made perfect, and yet we do not amend our own shortcomings.

Imitation of Christ, I, 16:2

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