Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Imitation of Christ

Tu bene facta scis excusare, et tolerare, et aliorum non vis accipere excusationes. Justus esses, si te accusares, et fratrem tuum excusares. Si portari vis, porta alium. Vide quam longe es adhuc a vera charitate, et humilitate, quæ nuli novit indignarei vel irasci, nisi tantum sibi ipsi. Non est magnum cum bonis, et mansuetis conversari. Hoc enim omnibus naturaliter placet, et unusquisque libenter pacem habet, et secum sentientes magis diligit. Sed cum duris, et perversis aut indisciplinatis aut nobis contrariantibus pacifice posse vivere, magna gratia est, et laudabile nimis virileque factum.

You know well how to excuse and to color your own deeds, but you will not accept the excuses of others. It would be more just to accuse yourself and excuse your brother. If you want others to bear with you, bear with others. Behold how far you art as yet from the true charity and humility which knows not how to be angry or indignant against any save self alone. It is no great thing to mingle with the good and the meek, for this is naturally pleasing to all, and every one of us willingly enjoys peace and likes best those who think with us: but to be able to live peaceably with the hard and perverse, or with the disorderly, or those who oppose us, this is a great grace and a thing much to be commended and most worthy of a man.

Imitation of Christ, II, 3:2

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