Sunday, February 5, 2012

Murphysboro Centuries, 6th sacred

Gregory the Great, 540?-604
- born into a senatorial (noble) family in Rome, he had started a political career, becoming the city prefect (mayor) in 573, but around 574 he became a monk and became very active in founding monasteries and promoting monasticism
- in 590 he was elected Pope - was the real leader against the Lombards (a Germanic tribe that had invaded Italy beginning in about 565) - he raised troops, directed generals and negotiated treaties - he is best known as an organizer and manager, reforming the administration of the church and its property, resulting in more money for charitable uses
- he protested against the bishop of Constantinople claiming to be the “universal bishop” - all he claimed was to be “the servant of the servants of God” - was the first pope to begin the official teaching of purgatory - sent missionaries to England, to bring the Anglo-Saxons into contact with Rome, and began trying to convert the Lombards - was respected as a preacher and pastor and was (wrongly) credited with inventing Gregorian chant

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