Friday, September 23, 2011

Imitation of Christ

Qui veram et perfectam charitatem habet, in nulla re se ipsum quærit, sed Dei solummodo gloriam in omnibus fieri desiderat. Nulli etiam invidet, quia nullum privatum gaudium amat, nec in se ipso vult gaudere, sed in Deo super omnia optat bona beatificari. Nemini aliquid boni attribuit, sed totaliter ad Deum refert tota, unde omnia procedunt. In quo finaliter omnes Sancti fruibiliter quiescunt. O qui scintillam haberet veræ charitatis, perfecte omnia terrena sentiret plena vanitatis. 

He who has true and perfect charity, in no wise seeks his own good, but desires that God alone be altogether glorified. He envies none, because he longs for no selfish joy; nor does he desire to rejoice in himself, but longs to be blessed in God as the highest good. He ascribes good to none save to God only, the Fountain whence all good proceeds, and the End, the Peace, the joy of all Saints. Oh, he who has but a spark of true charity, has truly learned that all worldly things are full of vanity.

Imitation of Christ, I, 15:3

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