Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Imitation of Christ

Quære aptum tempus vacandi tibi, de beneficiis Dei frequenter cogita. Relinque curiosa, tales potius perlege materias, quæ compunctionem magis præstent quam occupationem. Si te subtraxeris a superfluis locutionibus et curiosis circuitionibus nec non a novitatibus et remoribus audiendis, invenies tempus sufficiens et aptum bonis meditationibus insistendis. Maximi Sanctorum humana consortia ubi poterant vitabant et Deo in secreto vivere eligebant.
Seek a suitable time for your meditation, and think frequently of the mercies of God to you. Leave curious questions. Study such matters as bring you sorrow for sin rather than amusement. If you withdraw yourself from trifling conversation and idle goings about, as well as from novelties and gossip, you will find your time sufficient and apt for good meditation. The greatest saints used to avoid as far as they could the company of men, and chose to live in secret with God.

Imitation of Christ, I, 20:1

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