Thursday, November 24, 2011

Imitation of Christ

Si frequentius de morte tua, quam de longitudine vitæ tua cogitares, non dubium, quin ferventius te emendares. Si etiam futuras Inferni, sivi Pergatorii, poenas cordialiter perpenderes, credo quod libenter dolorem et laborem sustineres, et nihil rigoris formidares. Sed quia ista ad cor non transeunt, et blandimenta adhuc amamus, ideo frigidi et valde pigri remanemus.

If you thought upon your death more often than how long your life should be, you would doubtless strive more earnestly to improve. And if you seriously considered the future pains of hell, I believe you would willingly endure toil or pain and fear not discipline. But because these things don't reach the heart, and we still love pleasant things, therefore we remain cold and miserably indifferent.

 Imitation of Christ, I, 21:5

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