Thursday, March 29, 2012

Imitation of Christ

Magna ars est scire conversari cum Jesu, et scire Jesum tenere, magna prudentia. Esto humilis et pacificus, et erit tecum Jesus. Sis devotus et quietus, et permanebit tecum Jesus. Potes cito fugare Jesum, et gratiam ejus perdere, si volueris ad exteriora declinare. Et si illum effugaveris et perdideris, ad quem tunc fugies, et quem tunc quæres amicum? Sine amico non potes diu vivere. Et si Jesus non fuerit tibi præ omnibus amicus, eris nimis tristis, et desolatus. Fatue igitur agis, si in aliquo altero confidis et lætaris. Eligendum est magis habere totum mundum contrarium, quam Jesum offensum. Ex omnibus ergo charis sit Jesus dilectus specialis. 
It is great skill to know how to live with Jesus, and to know how to hold Jesus is great wisdom. Be  humble and peaceable and Jesus shall be with you. Be godly and quiet, and Jesus will remain with you. You can quickly drive away Jesus and lose His favour if you turn away to the outer things. And if you have put Him to flight and lost Him, to whom will you flee, and whom then will you seek for a friend? Without a friend you cannot live long, and if Jesus is not your friend above all you will be very sad and desolate. You act madly if you trust or find joy in any other. It is preferable to have the whole world against you, than Jesus offended with you. Therefore of all that are dear to you, let Jesus be specially loved.

Imitation of Christ, II, 8:3

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