Friday, March 9, 2012

Murphysboro Centuries, 8th sacred

Alcuin, 735-804
- another British monk who was selected by Charlemagne to lead the reform of the Frankish
church and school system - he is considered to be the leader of a great revival of learning and
education, the first such revival to take place since the “fall” of the Roman empire
- he was helped by Paul the Deacon (720-795), a Lombard; Einhard the Frank (770-840); and
Theodulf the Visigoth (760-821) - his helpers show that Charlemagne sought for scholars
everywhere, and that Charlemagne's court was known for appreciating scholarship
- the invention of small letters (miniscule) to go along with capital letters (majuscule) is
attributed to Alcuin - during his years, Charlemagne made it a law that Christians had to pay
10% (a tithe) of their income to the church every year

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