Thursday, April 19, 2012

Imitation of Christ

Quid quæris quietem, cum natus sis ad laborem, ad patientiam magis quam ad consolationem, et ad crucem portandam magis quam ad lætitiam? Quis etiam sæcularium non libenter consoltionem et lætitiam spiritualiem acciperet, si semper obtinere posset? Excedunt enim spirituales consolationes omnes mundi delicias et carnis voluptates. Nam omnes deliciæ mundanæ aut turpes, aut vanæ sunt. Spirituales vero deliciæ solæ sunt jucundæ et honestæ ex virtutibus progenitæ, et a Deo puris infusæ mentibus. Sed istis divnis consolationibus nemo semper pro suo affectu frui valet, quia tempus tentationis non diu cessat. 

Why do you seek rest when you are born to labour? Prepare yourself for patience more than for comforts, and for bearing the cross more than for joy. For who among the men of this world would not gladly receive consolation and spiritual joy if he might always have it? For spiritual comforts exceed all the delights of the world, and all the pleasures of the flesh. For all worldly delights are either empty or unclean, while spiritual delights alone are pleasant and honourable, the offspring of virtue, and poured forth by God into pure minds.But no man can always enjoy these divine comforts at his own will, because the season of temptation doesn't stop for long.

Imitation of Christ, II, 10:1

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