Thursday, April 12, 2012

Murphysboro Centuries, 10th secular

Otto I, the Great, 936-973
- spent his first years making sure everyone acknowledged him as king - in 951-952 he went to Italy and married a lady who claimed the throne of Italy - 955, the battle of Lechfeld, defeated the Magyars and recolonized what is today Austria
- filled bishops' positions with men loyal to the king - the church became one of the great supports of the German king - partially as a result of this, German kings and nobles saw monasteries and other church property as their own personal property, which raised
dissatisfaction and the beginning of a “reform movement” in the church
- on his third trip to Italy, Otto married his son to a Byzantine princess, who supposedly brought Greek (southern) Italy to Otto as her dowry, so the German king could, and did, claim all of Italy as his possession

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