Sunday, April 1, 2012

Imitation of Christ

Diligantur homines propter Jesum, Jesus autem propter se ipsum. Solus Jesus Christus singulariter est amandus, qui bonus solus et fidelis invenitur præ omnibus amicis. Propter ipsum et in ipso tam amici quam inimici tibi sint chari et pro omnibus his exorandus est, ut omnes ipsum cognoscant et diligant. Nunquam cupias singulariter laudari et amari, quia hoc solius Dei est, qui similem sibi non habet. Nec velis quod aliquis in corde tuo tecum occupetur, neque tu cum alicujus occuperis amore. Sed sit Jesus in te, et in omni bono homine. 

Let all be loved for Jesus' sake, but Jesus for His own. Jesus Christ alone is to be specially loved, for He alone is found good and faithful above all friends. For His sake and in Him let both enemies and friends be dear to you, and pray for them all that they may all know and love Him. Never desire to be specially praised or loved, because this belongs to God alone, for there is no one like Him. Nor wish that any one set his heart on you, nor do you give yourself up to the love of any, but let Jesus be in you and in every good man.

Imitation of Christ, II, 8:4

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