Saturday, April 28, 2012

Imitation of Christ

Esto igitur gratus in minimo, et eris dignus majora accipere. Sit tibi minimum pro maximo et contemtibile pro speciali dono. Si dignitas datoris inspicitur, nullum datum parvum aut minus vile videbitur. Non enim parvum est quod a summo Deo donatur, etiam si pÅ“nas et verbera donaverit, gratum esse debet, quia semper pro salute nostra facit quidquid nobis advenire permittit. Qui gratiam Dei retinere desiderat, sit gratus pro gratia Dei data, patiens pro sublata, oret ut reddatur, cautus sit et humilis ne amittat. 

Be thankful, therefore, for the least benefit and you shall be worthy to receive greater. Let the least be unto you even as the greatest, and let that which is of little account be unto you as a special gift. If the majesty of the Giver be considered, nothing that is given shall seem small and of no worth, for that is not a small thing which is given by the Most High God. Yea, though He gave punishment and stripes, we ought to be thankful, because He always does for our profit whatever He allows to come upon us. He who seeks to retain the favor of God, let him be thankful for the favor which is given, and patient in respect of that which is taken away. Let him pray
that it may return; let him be wary and humble that he lose it not.

Imitation of Christ, II, 10:5

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