Thursday, January 26, 2012

Imitation of Christ

Si recte tibi esses, et bene purgatus esses, omnia tibi in bonum cederent, et profectum. Ideo multa tibi sæpe displicent et sæpe conturbant, quia adhuc non es perfecte tibi mortuus, nec segregatus ab omnibus terrenis. Nihil sic maculat et implicat cor hominis, sicut impurus amor in creaturis. Si renuis consolari exterius, poteris speculari cælestia, et frequenter interius jubilare. 

If it were well with you, and you were purified from evil, all things would work together for your good and profiting. For this cause do many things displease you and often trouble you, because you are not yet perfectly dead to yourself nor separated from all earthly things. Nothing so defiles and entangles the heart of man as impure love towards created things. If you reject outward comfort you will be able to contemplate heavenly things and frequently to be joyful inwardly.
Imitation of Christ, II, 1:8

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