Friday, January 27, 2012

Murphysboro Centuries, 6th secular

- the Visigoths now controlled most of Spain, but there was no strong or important king - Spain could have been taken by almost anyone, but no one had the resources to do so

- after Arthur had defeated the German tribes and stopped their expansions, things were quiet for a while, but by the sixth century the Roman citizens were driven out of Britain by the German tribes and they settled in Wales and Brittany
- during the sixth century seven Anglo-Saxon kingdoms developed, and the kingdom of Kent became the strongest of the kingdoms in Britain

- Clovis (481-511) arranged for the Franks to become catholic Christians and moved his capital to the city of Paris - when he died, he divided his kingdom up among his four sons - these parts were  Austrasia (NE France and NW Germany), Neustria (NW France), and Burgundy (SE France)
- these kingdoms were later reunited (because the other brothers had died) under Lothair (558-561) briefly, but Lothair also divided up his kingdom up amongst his sons - this kind of thing became normal, the Frankish rulers spending more time fighting each other than anything else

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