Monday, January 23, 2012

Murphysboro Centuries, 5th secular

Southern France
- from 419-507, the Visigoths ruled a large part of France, having been given 2/3rds of the land by Honorius - this, however, did not make the Roman inhabitants of Gaul/France happy, especially since the Visigoths were Arian

Northern France
- the Franks moved into northern France c. 430, were defeated occasionally by the Romans, but by the 480's, the Franks were fighting with the Romans against other Germanic tribes - in 481, the Frankish king Clovis became the most powerful individual in northern France, and in 496, he converted from paganism to Catholicism, which made him very popular with the Roman inhabitants as well as the Franks
- France gets its name from the Franks - in 1996, the French had a big argument as to whether or not they should celebrate the 1500th anniversary of Clovis' conversion - it marked the beginning of the French nation, but it was also a religious event that some wanted to ignore

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