Sunday, January 29, 2012

Imitation of Christ

Non magni pendas qui pro te vel contra te fit, sed hoc age, et cura, ut Deus tecum sit in omni re quam facis. Habeas conscientiam bonam, et Deus bene te defensabit. Quem enim adjuvare voluerit, nullius perversitas nocere poterit. Si tu sci tacere et pati, videbis proculdubio auxilium Domini. Ipse novit tempus, et modum liberandi te, et idea debes te illi resignare. Dei est adjuvare, et ab omni confusione liberare. sæpe valde prodest ad majorem humilitatem conservandam, quod defectus nostros alii sciunt, et redarguunt. 

Make no great account who is for you or against you, but mind only the present duty and take care that God be with you in whatsoever you do. Have a good conscience and God will defend you, for he  whom God will help no man's perverseness shall be able to hurt. If you know how to hold your peace and to suffer, without doubt you shall see the help of the Lord. He knows the time and the way to deliver you, therefore you must resign yourself to Him. To God belongs to help and to deliver from all confusion. Oftentimes it is very profitable for keeping us in greater humility, that others know and rebuke our faults.

Imitation of Christ, II, 2:1

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