Sunday, May 13, 2012

Imitation of Christ

 Ecce in cruce totum jacet, et non est alia via ad vitam, et ad veram et internam pacem, nisi via sanctæ crucis, et quotidianæ mortificationis. Ambula ubi vis, quære quodcumque volueris, et non invenies altiorem viam supra, nec securiorem infra, nisi viam sanctæ crucis. Dispone et ordina omnia secundum velle tuum et videre,et non invenies, nisi semper aliquid pati debere aut sponte aut invite et ita crucem semper invenies. Aut enim in corpore dolorem senties, aut in anima spiritus tribulationem sustinebis.

Behold everything depends upon the Cross, and everything lies in dying; and there is none other way unto life and to true inward peace, except the way of the Holy Cross and of daily mortification. Go where you will, seek whatsoever you will, and you will find no higher way above nor safer way below, than the way of the Holy Cross. Dispose and order all things according to your own will and judgment, and you will always find something to suffer either willingly or unwillingly, and thus you will always find your cross. For you will either feel pain of body, or tribulation of spirit within your soul.

Imitation of Christ, II, 12:3

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