Thursday, May 31, 2012

Imitation of Christ

Possunt quidem verba sonare, sed spiritum non conferunt. Pulcherrime dicunt, sed te tacente cor non accedunt. Litteras tradunt, sed tu sensum aperis. Mysteria referunt, sed tu referas intellectum signatorum. Mandata edunt, sed tu juvas ad perficiendum. Viam ostendunt, sed tu confortas ad ambulandum. Illi foris tantum agunt, sed tu corda instruis, et illuminas. Illi exterius rigant, sed tu fecunditatem donas. Illi clamant verbis, sed tu auditui intelligentiam tribuis.

They [Moses and the prophets] can indeed utter words, but they give not the spirit. They speak with exceeding beauty, but when You are silent they kindle not the heart. They give us scriptures, but You make known the sense thereof. They bring us mysteries, but You reveal the things which are signified. They utter commandments, but You help in the fulfilling of them. They show the way, but You give strength for the journey. They act only outwardly, but You instruct and enlighten the heart. They water, but You give the increase. They cry with words, but You give understanding to the hearer.

Imitation of Christ, III, 2:2

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