Monday, May 28, 2012

Imitation of Christ

Animadverte hoc, o anima mea, et claude sensualitatis tuæ ostia, ut possis audire quid loquatur Deus Dominus in te. Hæc dicit dilectus tuus. Salus tua ego sum, pax tua, et vita tua. Serva te apud me, et pacem invenies. Dimitte omnia transitoria, et quære æterna. Quid sunt omnia temporalia, nisi seductoria et quid juvant omnes creaturæ, si fueris a Creatore deserta? Omnibus ergo abdicatis Creatori tuo te redde placitam et fidelem, ut veram valeas apprehendere beatitudinem.

Think on these things, O my soul, and shut the doors of your carnal desires, so you may hear what the Lord God will say within you. These things your Beloved says, "I am your salvation, I am your peace and life. Keep with Me, and you will find peace." Put away all transitory things, seek those things that are eternal. For what are all temporal things but deceits, and what shall all created things help you if you are forsaken by the Creator? Therefore put all things else away, and give yourself to the Creator, to be well pleasing and faithful to Him, that you may be able to attain true blessedness.

Imitation of Christ, III, 1:2

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