Friday, May 25, 2012

Imitation of Christ

Tota vita Christi crux fuit, et martyrium, et tu tibi quæris reqiuem, et gaudium? Erras, erras si aliud quæris quam pati tribulationes, quia tota ista vita mortalis plena est miseriis, et circumsignata crucibus. Et quanto quis altius in spiritu profecerit, tanto gravioes cruces sæpe inveniet, quia exilii sui pœna magis ex amore crescit.

The whole life of Christ was a cross and martyrdom, and do you seek rest and joy for yourself? You are wrong, you are wrong, if you seek anything but to suffer tribulations, for this whole mortal life is full of miseries, and set round with crosses. And the higher a man has advanced in the spirit, the heavier crosses he will often find, because the sorrow of his banishment increases with the strength of his love.

Imitation of Christ, II, 12:7

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