Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Imitation of Christ

 Interdum a Deo relinqueris, interdum a proximo exercitaberis, et quod amplius est sæpe tibimetipsi gravis eris. Nec tamen aliquo remedio vel solatio liberari seu alleviari poteris, sed donec Deus voluerit, oportet ut sustineas. Vult enim Deus ut tribulationem sine consolatione discas pati, et illi totaliter te subjicias et humilior ex tribulatione fias. Nemo ita cordialiter sentit passionem Christi, sicut is cui contigerit similia pati. Crux igitur semper parata est, et ubique te exspectat. Non potes effugere ubicumque cucurreris, quia ubicumque veneris, temetipsum tecum portas, et semper te ipsum invenies. Converte te supra, converte te infra, converte te extra et intra, et in his omnibus invenies crucem, et necese est te ubicumque tenere patientiam, si internam vis habere pacem et perpetuam promereri coronam.

Sometimes you will be forsaken of God, sometimes you will be tried by your neighbor, and what is more, you will often be wearisome to yourself. And still you cannot be delivered nor eased by any remedy or consolation, but must bear so long as God wills. For God will have you learn to suffer tribulation without
consolation, and to submit yourself fully to it, and by tribulation be made more humble. No man understands the Passion of Christ in his heart so well as he who has had somewhat of the like suffering himself. The Cross therefore is always ready, and everywhere waits for you. You cannot flee from it wherever you hurry, for wherever you go, you bear yourself with you, and will always find yourself. Turn yourself above, turn  yourself  below, turn  yourself  without, turn  yourself  within, and in them all you will find the Cross; and needful is it that you everywhere possess patience if you will have internal peace and gain the everlasting crown.

Imitation of Christ, II, 12:4

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