Monday, July 16, 2012

Imitation of Christ

 Multi enim sunt qui, cum non bene eis successerit, statim impatientes fiunt aut desides. Non enim semper est in potestate hominis via ejus, sed Dei est dare et consolari, quando vult et quantum vult, et cui vult, sicut sibi placuerit, et non amplius. Quidam incauti propter devotionis gratiam se ipsos destruxerunt, quia plus agere voluerunt quam potuerunt, non pensantes suæ parvitatis mensuram sed magis cordis affectum sequentes, quam rationis judicium. Et quia majora præsumserunt, quam Deo placitum fuit, idcirco gratiam perdiderunt cito, et facti sunt inopes, et viles relicti, qui in cælum posuerant nidum sibi: ut humiliati et depauperati discant non in alis suis volare, sed sub pennis meis sperare. Qui adhuc novi sunt et imperiti in via Domini, nisi consilio discretorum se regant, faciliter decipi possunt et illudi.

For there are many who, when things have not gone prosperous with them, become forthwith impatient or slothful. For the way of a man is not in himself, but it is God's to give and to console, when He will, and as much as He will, and whom He will, as it shall please Him, and no further. Some who were presumptuous because of the grace of devotion within them, have destroyed themselves, because they would do more than they were able, not considering the measure of their own littleness, but rather following the impulse of the heart than the judgment of the reason. And because they presumed beyond what was well-pleasing unto God, therefore they quickly lost grace. They became poor and were left vile, who had built for themselves
their nest in heaven; so that being humbled and stricken with poverty, they might learn not to fly with their own wings, but to put their trust under My feathers. They who are as yet new and unskilled in the way of the Lord, unless they rule themselves after the counsel of the wise, may easily be deceived and led away.

Imitation of Christ, III, 7:2

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