Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Imitation of Christ

Scribe verba mea in corde tuo, et pertracta diligenter: erunt enim in tempore tentationis valde necessaria. Quod non intelligis, cum legis, cognosces in die visitationis. Dupliciter soleo electos meos visitare, tentatione scilicet et consolatione: et duas lectiones eis quotidie lego, unam increpando eorum vittia, alteram exhortando ad virtutum incrementa. Qui habet verba mea et spernit ea, habet qui judicet eum in novissimo die.

"Write My words in your heart and consider them diligently, for they will be very needed in time of temptation. What you do not understand when you read, you will know in the time of your visitation. I usually visit Mine elect in twofold manner, even by temptation and by comfort, and I teach them two lessons day by day, the one in chiding their faults, the other in exhorting them to grow in grace. He who has My words and rejects them, has one who shall judge him at the last day."

Imitation of Christ, III, 3:5

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