Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Murphysboro Centuries, 12th sacred

The Crusades

The Second Crusade, 1147-1149, started by the influence of Bernard of Clairvaux - the leaders of the crusade were Conrad III of Germany and Louis VII of France - both the French and German armies were soundly defeated by the Turks, so the second crusade was a complete failure

The Third Crusade, 1189-1192, was started by the success of the Moslem leader Saladin, who united the Moslems and eliminated most of the gains the First Crusade had made, including capturing Jerusalem. The great kings of Europe, Frederick I Barbarossa of Germany, Richard I the Lionheart of England and Philip II Augustus of France led the Crusade. Frederick I drowned and his army fell apart under the leadership of his son. Philip Augustus and Richard the Lionheart quarreled and Philip returned home. Richard
displayed amazing skill in defeating Saladin in battle, but didn’t have the strength to actually free Jerusalem, so he negotiated a peace with Saladin which guaranteed special rights to Christian pilgrims going to Jerusalem.

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