Sunday, June 24, 2012

Murphysboro Centuries, 13th secular


Civil War in Germany, 1197-1212, between Philp of Swabia and Otto of Brunswick

Frederick II, 1212-1259
- “Stupor Mundi” (The Wonder of the World) - “the most brilliant ruler and one of the most learned men of his day” - raised in Sicily, supported the bishops of Germany and gave them many privileges, really making them into secular princes
- he went on a crusade 1227-1229, but returned sick, but the Pope didn’t believe he was really sick so was excommunicated for breaking his crusader’s oath - he did, however, negotiate a peace with Egypt that made him the master of Jerusalem
- when his son Henry began making moves against him, he had Henry arrested and imprisoned, where Henry committed suicide - throughout his life he was involved in a terrific struggle for control of Italy with the Pope - and after he died the popes “violently persecuted” his relatives and followers - in 1224, the University of Naples was founded

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