Saturday, June 16, 2012

Imitation of Christ

Nihil ergo tibi magnum videatur ex omnibus, quæ agis. Nihil grande, nihil prætiosum et admirabile, nil reputatione appareat dignum, nil altum, nil vere laudabile, et desiderabile, nisi quod æternum. Placeat tibi super omnia æterna veritas, displiceat tibi super omnia vilitas maxima tua. Nil sic temeas et fugias, sicut vitia, et peccata tua, quæ magis displicere debent, quam quælibet rerum damna. Quidam non sincere coram me ambulant, sed quadam curiositte et arrogania ducti volunt secreta mea scire, et alta Dei intelligere, se et suam salutem negligentes. Hi sæpe in magnas tentationes, et peccata, propter suam jactantiam, superbiam et curiositatem, labuntur me eis adversante. Time judicia Dei, expavesce iram Omnipotentis.

Let, therefore, nothing which you do seem great to you; let nothing be grand, nothing of value or beauty, nothing worthy of honor, nothing lofty, nothing praiseworthy or desirable, save what is eternal. Let the eternal truth please you above all things, let your own great vileness displease you continually. Fear, denounce, flee nothing so much as your own faults and sins, which ought to be more displeasing to you than any loss whatsoever of goods. There are some who walk not sincerely before me, but being led by curiosity and pride, they desire to know my secret things and to understand the deep things of God, while they neglect themselves and their salvation. These often fall into great temptations and sins because of their pride and curiosity, for I am against them. Fear the judgments of God, fear greatly the wrath of the Almighty.

Imitation of Christ, III, 4:3

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