Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Imitation of Christ

 Ego te docebo, ait Veritas, quæ recta sunt et placita coram me. Cogita peccata tua cum displicentia magna et memorare, et nuquam reputes te aliquid esse propter opera bona. Revera peccator es, et multis passionibus obnoxius, et implicatus. Ex te semper ad nihil tendis, cito laberis, cito turbaris, cito dissolveris. Non habes quidquam, unde possis gloriari. Sed multa habes unde te debes vilificare, quia multo infirmior es quam vales comprehendere. 

"I will teach you," says Truth, "the things which are right and pleasing before Me. Think upon your sins with great displeasure and sorrow, and never think yourself anything because of your good works. Truly you are a sinner, liable to many passions, yes, tied and bound with them. Of yourself you always tend to nothing, you will quickly fall, quickly be conquered, quickly disturbed, quickly undone. You have nothing to glory about, but many reasons why you should reckon yourself vile, for you are far weaker than you are able to comprehend.

Imitation of Christ, III, 4:2

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