Monday, June 25, 2012

Imitation of Christ

 Amans volat, currit, lætatur, liber est, et non tenetur. Dat omnia pro omnibus, et habet omnia in omnibus, quia in uno summo super omnia quiescit, ex quo omne bonum fluit et procedit. Non respicit ad dona, sed ad donantem se convertit super omnia bona. Amor sæpe modum nescit, sed super omne bonum fervescit. Amor onus non sentit, labores non reputat, plus affectat, quam valet, de impossibilitate non causatur, quia cuncta sibi licere posse arbitratur. Valet igitur ad omnia, et multa implet, et effectui mancipat. Ubi vero amans deficit et jacet, amor vigilat, et dormiens dormitat, fatigatus non laxatur, arctatus non arctatur, territus non conturbatur, sed, sicut vivax flamma et ardens favilla, sursum erumpit secureque pertransit.

He who loves flys, runs, and is glad; he is free and not hindered. He gives all things for all things, and has all things in all things, because he rests in One who is high above all, from whom every good flows and proceeds. He looks not for gifts, but turns himself to the Giver above all good things. Love oftentimes knows no measure, but breaks out above all measure; love feels no burden, considers no labors, strives after more than it is able to do, pleads no impossibility, because it judges all things which are lawful for it to be possible. It is strong therefore for all things, and it fulfills many things, and is successful where he who loves not
fails and lies down.

Imitation of Christ, III, 5:4

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