Saturday, June 9, 2012

Murphysboro Centuries, 12th sacred

The Reforming Monastic Orders

At a time when many priests and preachers seemed to be interested only in money and power, the various ‘orders’ of monks were virtually the only examples of Christian faith and life. For that reason these orders, and individuals in them, had tremendous influence in society.

William of Champeaux, founded the Canons Regular of St. Victor in 1113 - it was a reforming movement, but these were not monks, separated from the world, but “ordinary” priests who voluntarily took up the monkish life style

Norbert of Xanten - after almost being hit by a bolt of lightning, this very worldly priest became a reformer - he founded an order headquartered at Premontre in France, and this became the Premonstratensian Order - the main thing that strikes one about this order was that they emphasized complete silence, all the time

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