Thursday, June 21, 2012

Murphysboro Centuries, 13th secular


John “Lackland”, 1196-1216
- “cruel, mean, ..., faithless, greedy, weak-willed”, a womanizer with “no virtues” - lost most of his French possessions, which forced the English nobles to focus on problems at home - along with that he feuded with the pope about who should be archbishop of Canterbury - the pope finally appointed Stephen Langton, and John exiled him - the pope put England under the “interdict” (no religious services of any kind), but John survived it all until his defeat by Philip II of France - that led to the Magna Charta of 1215, which was a document forced on the king by his nobles basically stating that the king was not above the law
- two important parts of the Magna Charta were (1) no unusual taxes were to placed on people without their consent and (2) no free man could be arrested and held or punished without “lawful judgment of his peers and by the law of the land”
- in 1209 the University of Cambridge was founded

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